About me

About me #

I’m a postdoc at Vector Institute studying generative modeling, AI4Science, Optimal Transport, Differential Geometry of probability spaces, MCMC with Alireza Makhzani. Previously I was a postdoc at the University of Amsterdam with Max Welling.

I was born in Sevastopol, Ukraine, and at the age of 13 I started competing in Ukrainian olympiads on math and physics. Since then I’ve been interested in studying and understanding nature in all its forms from abstract (math, physics, computer science) to practical fields (history, biology, humanities, which I also try to study in my free time).

Regarding the war
I know teachers who organized the Ukrainian Physics Olympiad when I was a kid but now fight for Ukraine with an AR in their hands. Ukraine needs help now more than ever. Here’s a list of organizations where you can make a donation.
Part of my time I devote to mentoring at Brave Generation. Regardless of your background, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about research or academia.

Selected Papers #

AI for Science #

  • A Computational Framework for Solving Wasserstein Lagrangian Flows
    {Kirill Neklyudov, Rob Brekelmans}*, Alexander Tong, Lazar Atanackovic,
    Qiang Liu, Alireza Makhzani
    [arXiv] [github]
  • Wasserstein Quantum Monte Carlo: A Novel Approach for Solving the Quantum Many-Body Schrödinger Equation (NeurIPS 2023, spotlight)
    Kirill Neklyudov, Jannes Nys, Luca Thiede, Juan Carrasquilla, Qiang Liu,
    Max Welling, Alireza Makhzani
    [arXiv] [github]
  • Action Matching: Learning Stochastic Dynamics from Samples (ICML 2023)
    Kirill Neklyudov, Rob Brekelmans, Daniel Severo, Alireza Makhzani
    [arXiv] [github] Open In Colab [talk]


  • Orbital MCMC (AISTATS 2022, oral)
    Kirill Neklyudov, Max Welling
    [arXiv] [github]
  • Involutive MCMC: a Unifying Framework (ICML 2020)
    Kirill Neklyudov, Max Welling, Evgenii Egorov, Dmitry Vetrov
    [arXiv] [github]
  • Deterministic Gibbs Sampling via ODEs
    Kirill Neklyudov, Roberto Bondesan, Max Welling
    [arXiv] [github]
  • The Implicit Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm (NeurIPS 2019)
    Kirill Neklyudov, Evgenii Egorov, Dmitry Vetrov

Bayesian Deep Learning #

  • Variance Networks (ICLR 2019)
    {Kirill Neklyudov, Dmitry Molchanov, Arsenii Ashukha}*, Dmitry Vetrov
    [arXiv] [github]
  • Structured Bayesian Pruning (NeurIPS 2017)
    Kirill Neklyudov, Dmitry Molchanov, Arsenii Ashukha, Dmitry Vetrov
    [arXiv] [github]

* (joint main-authorship)

Talks #

Email #

You can find my email in my papers.